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A website built without Bootstrap. Only a basic website Designed and Created by me.

April 11, 2015
This is my Landing Page. The Background moves to the left using CSS3 Animation. I tried to keep it as clean as possible.
This is the start of my site. The background images change, slowly between 2 images. I used CSS3 animation for this also.
I love "" and proud of my efforts on self learning. I have self taught myself almost everything I know. I am not very good at adding "content" as you can clearly see. I am getting better with "content writting". I have many people give me advice and constructive criticism, which is helping me a lot. 
A basic Contact form, which i built myself and also has validation. I loved building this and think it looks great. User friendly which is the main focus.
I like this idea of adding "Google Maps" to the footer. I thought it would be a unique idea to make it 30% transparent. I personally think it adds a great look especially with the background. They seem to compliment each other. 

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A site that is "unique" and user friendly, using CSS3 animations and transitions. The background gracefully fades in and out over a 30 second infinite loop. All the font colours change to suit the background image that is being shown. Links all have a hover effect using transitions at 0.75s. I wanted to create something that shows more of my personality and steps out of the "generic" look that I always see online.
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